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Yoga is simply amazing for children and adults.  It provides wonderful opportunities to complete mind and body exercises that include strengthening and stretching. These FREE yoga coloring pages can further reinforce 6 different yoga poses and bring in the calming and creative aspect of coloring to your yoga sessions! You can download the free printable yoga coloring sheets at the bottom of this blog post.

How Do the FREE Yoga Coloring Pages Work?

It is super easy. Start on your yoga adventures today by following these three steps:

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What Yoga Poses are Included in this Freebie?

The free pdf printable packet includes the following six yoga poses:


Improves balance. Strengthens the core, hips, legs and feet. Provides focus, concentration and a sense of calm.

1. Begin with the feet together, arms at your side. Weight shift onto the right leg. Reach down and lift the left foot up placing it against the right thigh, calf or ankle (based on your ability) with the toes pointing down. Be sure to put the left foot above or below the right knee, not on it. Your center of gravity should be over the right foot.

2. Bring the hands up and press them together in front of the heart. Your eyes should focus on a point several feet in front of you at eye level. Take several deep breaths, keep hands pressed together and raise them over the head.

3. Hold this position, taking deep breaths for at least 10 seconds if possible. Slowly return the left foot to the ground.

4. Repeat tree pose on the left leg.


Improves balance and stability while stretching the front of the body and strengthening the core, arms, legs and feet.

1. Stand with the feet together and arms at side.

2. Step back with the right foot back about 3 feet and bend the front, left knee. The left knee should be directly over the left ankle. The right foot should be flat, heel down and turned out.

The feet should be about hip-distance apart.

3. Lift both hands overhead. Reaching up with the fingertips toward the sky. Keep the shoulders relaxed and down.

4. Take several deep breaths while reaching up, stretching and lengthening the back.

5. Step the right foot back up to the left foot returning to feet together, arms at side.

6. Repeat on the other side beginning by stepping back with the left foot.


PURPOSE – Improves balance. Stretches the back and the hamstring muscles (back of the thighs). Strengthens the shoulders, arms and the core muscles. Stimulates the vestibular system with the inverted position of the head.

Relieves lower back compression.

1. Start on the floor on hands and knees or Cat/Camel pose. Flex the ankle and place the balls of the feet on the floor.

2. Lift the hips up towards the sky. Slowly straighten the knees. Stretch the heels down to the floor.

3. Press the hands into the floor, pushing the arms away from the floor. Tighten the belly. Keep lifting the hips towards the sky trying to keep the heels on the floor.

4. Relax the head between the upper arms but don’t let it hang.

5. Hold this position and breathe deeply.


Purpose: Strengthens the core, hip and leg muscles. Relieves stress. Lengthens the hamstring muscles.

1. Begin on the floor with knees bent and feet flat. Bring the hands up next to the knees or behind the knees.

2. Roll the shoulders back and lift the chest up toward the sky. Slowly lift the feet up off the floor and straighten the knees so that you are balancing on your bottom.

3. Try to put the arms out straight next to the knees and straighten the knees completely. If you can not lift the arms and straighten the knees, put your hands behind the knees or on the floor.

4. Take deep breaths and hold the pose for 10-20 seconds.

5. Breathe out, lower the legs and return to a sitting position.


Purpose: Improves balance and posture. Encourages concentration and focus.

1. Stand up tall with the eyes focused on a spot several feet in front of you. The big toes should be touching with the heels slightly apart.

2. Gently rock back and forth and side to side from heels to toes until your weight is evenly balanced.

3. Tighten the thigh muscles, pull in the belly, press the shoulder blades down and feel the spine elongate. The top of the head should be directly over the hips.

4. Let the arms hang at your side, palms facing forward. Slowly lift and raise your arms overhead.

5. Hold this position for at least 30 seconds, breathing deeply and maintaining the stacked posture.

6. Relax your arms and let them hang at your side again.


Purpose: Strengthens the shoulders, back, hips, legs and feet. Improves balance.

1. Start in Mountain Pose. Raise the arms overhead, palms facing each other.

2. Breathe out, bend the knees and lower the body like you are sitting in a chair. Try to make the thighs almost parallel to the floor, lean the torso forward until it is at a right angle with the tops of the thighs. Press into the floor through the heels.

3. Press the shoulder blades together and against the back. Lengthen the spine.

4. Try to hold the chair pose for 30 seconds if possible taking deep breaths.

5. When done, breathe in and straighten the knees while lifting up through the arms. Breathe out and let the arms lower to your side.

When to Use the Yoga Coloring Pages Freebie?

Kids will love these illustrations to express their creativity as they complete the free coloring pages. Teachers and parents will love them because they do not require any preparation.

You can use these coloring sheets to:

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